God is doing some incredible things at Trinity Baptist Church and we are excited to know that you feel that God may be leading you to join our church family. 

We believe that membership in a church family is an extremely important part of a balanced and healthy Christian life.

What are your church services like?  

You will experience a blended style of contemporary and traditional music.

You will find an EXCITING, SAFE, and FUN learning environment for your children.

You will hear relevant teaching with practical application about real life issues that you can incorporate into your life on a weekly basis.

You will find very friendly people who love worshiping with us every week.

What should I wear?

Don't go out and buy a "new outfit" just to come to church on Sunday. Dress casually and in a way you'll be comfortable. We have a very diverse church family: some wear suits and others wear jeans and a t-shirt. Bottom line...come just as you are! 

Why is it important for me to join a church? Can't I just come and be a part of weekly worship services?

Once you see that the ministry here is what God wants you to be a part of on a regular basis, it is critical that you join our family. God's design is for every person to be a part of a church family as we grow spiritually in our relationships with Him and one another. He established the church to provide support and spiritual protection for one another. Hebrews 10:25 says that we should "not give up meeting together as some are in the habit of doing, but [that we should] encourage one another" faithfully. It is critical to your future spiritual growth that you make a commitment to a body of believers who have spiritual values similar to yours.

How & when can I join Trinity Baptist Church?

We try to do everything that we can to make joining our church stress free. Yet at the same time the New Testament makes it clear that we are to acknowledge and profess the Lord Jesus publicly. Therefore, we do ask that you come forward at the conclusion of a Sunday morning service during the invitation. Upon being warmly greeted by a trained counselor, simply share your desire to be a part of Trinity. One of our pastors will then share with the congregation that you've taken a "step towards God" or a "step in your faith journey." One of our deacons or administrative assistant will then arrange a meeting between you and one of our pastors to discuss church membership.

What are the prerequisites for church membership at Trinity?

At TBC, we have four prerequisites for church membership:

  • First, a personal commitment to the Lord Jesus is the key element to being a part of this faith family. The Bible teaches that a person comes to salvation through faith and that once a person becomes saved, they should be baptized by immersion.

  • Second, baptism is a public symbol of the commitment you have made to Christ much like a wedding ring shows a commitment to one's spouse. 

  • Third, by transfer of letter from another church of like faith and order. Or, by statement of prior conversion experience and baptism in a church whose beliefs and practices are in accordance with those of TBC.

  • Fourth, after meeting with one of our pastors, we feel that you should truly understand our heart and vision before you join TBC, and this meeting is designed to help you have a clear understanding of your new church family.

Let us encourage you to continue to seek God's will on whether He desires for you to plant your life at TBC. We recognize that there are other great churches in our area, and we are excited that you feel that God may be leading you to be a part of our church family. 

What is the invitation? 

At the conclusion of every service, we offer an invitation. It is for those who want to pray individually, desire a pastor to pray with them, want to join us as members, desire to receive Jesus as Lord & Savior, or for other needs as they arise. Feel free to come forward this Sunday!